Neil D. Tolentino, RECE, CWNA

Senior Design Technician

Tolentino-NeilNeil Tolentino is a senior design technician with telecommunications industry experience and expertise in fiber-to-the-home/node (FTTH/FTTN) feeder and distribution outside plant designs. He is well-versed in copper, fiber, hybrid and wireless access technologies and deployment selection strategies. He is proficient with MapInfo Pro and MapBasic programming and familiar with FME GIS translation tool, MicroStation and ESRI standards. His work experience includes SONET/ATM transport and access network; fixed and mobile communications; traffic engineering, routing, and signaling systems of telephone networks; and he has been responsible for demand and traffic forecasting, technical and economic feasibility studies, facility overlay/upgrade and migration, circuit cost reduction strategy and project management.

Tolentino earned his bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications engineering from the University of the East. He is a Registered Electronics and Communications Engineer and Certified Wireless Network Administrator.