Hunt Valley Overlook Residential Development

Baltimore County, Maryland

KCI provided site/civil engineering and builder services for this new residential development comprised of nearly 80 townhomes. The project was designed and approved under the state of Maryland’s 2007 stormwater management regulations requiring environmental site design (ESD) to the maximum extent practicable.

Environmental site design aims to mimic existing drainage and infiltration patterns by managing stormwater where it is generated, thereby eliminating traditional large retention ponds and complex storm drain systems. By using these techniques, our team created a design that combined environmental sensitivity, smaller design footprints, and more usable green space. This includes practices that are more visually appealing and have a lower profile.

ESD practices and techniques employed on this project included multiple micro-bioretention facilities and bio-swales to manage stormwater runoff. Although not required, KCI provided quantity management for the 10-year storm. Low impact development was achieved through creative site design, reduction of impervious areas and incorporating alternative surfaces and nonstructural approaches.