Silica: Are You Managing Exposure?

OSHA’s new regulations require organizations involved in construction, maritime and general industries to comply with a new standard on silica exposure.

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From Blue Current

Shocking Study

Watch this video to learn more about how our team uses electrofishing to sample the fish population at a local stream restoration project site.

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From the Innovator

Pipe Bursting for Water Line Replacement

KCI recently completed a successful pilot to replace 830 feet of water main in the city of Bowie, Maryland, using pipe bursting. Although this trenchless approach is used frequently to replace sewer lines, this project offered proof of concept for upgrading and replacing aging city’s water network.

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Our Latest News

KCI Among First Prequalified for GDOT Aerial Mapping with UAVs

KCI recently became one of the first companies to receive the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) 5.06 prequalification for aerial mapping, a new category. This qualification allows our team to provide these professional services for the department.

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