Blue Current

Chomping Down on Trash

A new aquatic drone, the WasteShark, is being used to help reduce trash buildup and more efficiently capture marine waste from waterways before it enters the ocean.

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From Blue Current

Protecting our Natural Landscape at Sequatchie Cave

KCI teamed up with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) to design and implement on-site improvements for the natural area at Sequatchie Cave in Marion County.

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From the Innovator

E-Construction Facilitates Accelerated Construction Along Deadly Maryland Highway

Construction managers utilized KCI’s proprietary Mobile Field Services e-construction application to keep pace with accelerated construction along high profile MD 404 improvements.

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Our Latest News

VP Promotions Recognize Leadership in M/E, Communications and CM

Four vice president-level promotions recognized managers in communications infrastructure, mechanical/electrical and construction management.

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