All-day Safety Rodeo Provides Training and Experience

As job duties become routine, it can be easy to overlook important safety requirements. Frequent training on everyday tasks is the key to jobsite safety. Providing a safe and healthy working environment for each of our employees is a core value of KCI, and KCI’s Communications Infrastructure group upheld that value by hosting their first annual Safety Rodeo and Training Event. The all-day event offered safety demonstrations, hands-on training and educational sessions all with the goal of keeping safety at the top of everyone’s mind and ensuring that each employee is equipped with the training and knowledge needed to get both themselves and their coworkers through their jobs safely.

Training professionals lent their expertise in providing hands-on instruction targeted to common jobsite hazards found in the industry. Inside and outside plant technicians and managers were hand-placed in courses specific to their unique work environments, ensuring each employee received only the most relevant training applicable to their day-to-day job duties. Over the course of the event, groups rotated through various interactive stations, putting each employee face to face with a simulation of the potentially life-threatening hazards they may encounter on the job. One such station used a BullEx Live-Fire extinguisher training system to generate a live, controlled fire, allowing employees to receive instruction on proper use of fire extinguishers while practicing the PASS technique (pull the pin, aim low, squeeze the lever, and sweep from side to side) against an actual burning fire. At another station, the group witnessed the importance of fall protection as a demonstration vehicle revealed the dangers even a minor height presents when proper fall protection equipment is not used. Attendees were also trained in topics encompassing everything from first aid/CPR and ladder safety to powder actuated tool safety and arc flash awareness.

Safety Rodeo Fire Extinguisher Demonstration
Using a fire extinguisher training system, each employee was able to gain valuable hands-on experience extinguishing a live, burning fire.
We talk about safety often, but the only way to truly demonstrate to our employees just how important their safety is to us is to take a day dedicated to training.

Rick A. MacInnes, PESenior Associate

Rick A. MacInnes, PE

In between breakout training sessions, a vendor tradeshow allowed participants to interface with the suppliers who provide the safety equipment, tools and materials they use on a daily basis. At each exhibit, employees were able to engage with the latest safety equipment and technology, hear first-hand how each piece of equipment is designed to protect against a specific hazard, and be reminded of the important role personal protective equipment plays in workplace safety. The attention was then turned to the Communications Infrastructure staff as they were given the floor to display their own knowledge and technical expertise in demonstrations of air-blown fiber optic cabling and fiber splicing. Using compressed air, technicians were able to run hundreds of feet of fiber cable through innerduct conduit in a matter of minutes, while another technician detailed the process of stripping, cleaning and splicing strands of fiber optic cable using a fusion splicer.

Safety Rodeo Fall Protection Demonstration
With the use of a heavy weight, an onsite demonstration vehicle allowed employees to see first-hand the life-saving capabilities proper fall protection gear could have on a fall as short as three feet.

Safety on the jobsite is an important step in creating an efficient workplace and producing quality work, and KCI’s Communications Infrastructure group took the opportunity to showcase their commitment to an audience of clients, KCI management and staff. The event also served to boost team morale, allowing employees to socialize, break bread and learn together. From the opening safety talk to the concluding comments, the Safety Rodeo served as an important reminder that even the smallest oversight can have a major impact on the safety of all the workers on the job.