KCI benefits from a diverse employee workforce when each employee or staff member contributes ideas based on his/her experiences and background. Employees and management cannot help but learn from the experiences of others as everyone interacts during the workday. We come from many backgrounds and beliefs and this enhances the firm’s ability to compete in the community, thus improving our business performance.

KCI is committed to making diversity and inclusion a sustainable reality at all levels of the company. What we mean by diversity and inclusion goes beyond a traditional view of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability and age. It includes all the different aspects of our workforce’s backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and thought processes that can drive innovation, creativity and competitive advantage. No one of us is better than all of us.

The firm expects employees, managers and executives to live up to its standards of diversity and inclusion in their interactions with others, in their hiring and contracting decisions, and in their business plans. Through training and accountability programs, employee involvement, communications, and other tools, KCI is embedding this commitment to diversity and inclusion into the fabric of the company.

Learn more by reading KCI’s EEO, Affirmative Action, and Diversity and Inclusion Policy.