Rotational Program Helps Young Engineers Experience and Choose Technical Disciplines

collins-tyraby Tyra Collins, Transportation Engineer

I was hired by KCI President Nate Beil to be a part of the company’s newly initiated pilot Rotational Program. Entry level engineers with between 0 to 3 years of experience are hired and given the opportunity to rotate between four technical disciplines, spending about 3 months with each. The disciplines to choose from included transportation (highways, structures, traffic), construction management, water resources, resource management, environmental (utilities, geotech, wastewater), and site/facilities.  Being a year removed from college but having full-time experience and internships in construction management and government entities, I was highly intrigued with getting my feet wet in engineering design. This program was a win-win for me as well as others that I’ve spoken with in the program because not only are we gaining experience in engineering design, but we are also given the opportunity to rotate between several disciplines to accurately gauge which best fits each individual.

During my rotational experience, I was able to meet and work with a lot of different people within KCI’s home office as well as employees in Houston. The disciplines I chose to rotate through included transportation, environmental, resource management and water resources. For many like me, being able to rotate in between disciplines offers the opportunity to develop meaningful skills that we are able to take with us to each discipline we encountered as well as the one we ultimately chose.

The civil engineering profession is a vastly broad with a lot of sub-disciplines. Personally as an undergraduate, I had classes that focused on all of the sub-disciplines. The KCI Rotational Program takes heed to that and gives its program participants the ability to learn, and emerge as future engineers that can be valuable to the company. It wasn’t until I participated in this program that I realized that I wanted to focus on transportation, and received my graduate degree in civil engineering with a focus on highways and transportation.  The rotational program is a key part of KCI’s motto: The Most Incredible Thing We’ve Engineered is Our Team.