Joseph B. McConnell Hired as Intelligent Transportation Systems Lead

KCI welcomes Joseph B. McConnell as a senior project engineer focused on intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and associated communications systems.

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From Blue Current

Study Examines Pollutant Loading

KCI conducted a study to measure and analyze nutrient reductions in converted and unconverted dry detention ponds in Baltimore County.

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From the Innovator

Picking up the Pace

In preparation for the 2019 Preakness Stakes, KCI helped our client set up a temporary matsing antenna to provide additional cell capacity for the event’s crowd.

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Our Latest News

Payman Hajiani, PhD, Joins KCI as SUE Manager and Geophysicist

KCI welcomes Payman Hajiani, PhD, as SUE Manager and Geophysicist with expertise including utility designating, ground penetrating radar and test hole work.

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