Water Security in a Resource-Strained World: Part 5 of 5: A Grand Strategy?

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Posted by: Christopher L. Overcash, PE, BCEE, LEED AP, ENV SP

As the world moves toward a future of further resource constraints, water security will continue to be a primary focus. As outlined in previous posts, the challenges will be global in extent. Because of the scope of the issues, what is needed is a ‘Grand Strategy’ that could unify the world to solve the growing water supply issue. Such a strategy could be built from four main themes:

  1. All Water Issues are Local. Unlike the issue of climate change where the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are generally equally mixed, the issue of water supply is unique at different locations on the earth. This reality needs to be understood so that solutions can be effectively crafted.
  2. Collaboration. To resolve water security globally, the nations of the world must work together to reach constructive solutions.
  3. Holistic Approach. The approach must take into account the food-water-energy nexus to confront the water security issue holistically.
  4. Political Will. The will of the people and the nations must provide the impetus and political purpose to make such a strategy a success.