Asset Management and Sustainability in Public Works

When developing a new asset management system, it is important to make certain that sustainability is considered and accounted for during the planning of future infrastructure additions or replacements. A sustainable infrastructure rating system such as Envision can be an effective sustainability tool to objectively measure the sustainability of a planned asset. Developed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, Envision focuses on ‘outside’ infrastructure, and is similar in structure to the LEED certification that may be obtained for facilities and buildings through the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Envision sustainable rating tool can be used to improve the overall efficiency of an asset management system by measuring the achievement of specific goals for either new or existing water and wastewater infrastructure, for example: pipes, pumping stations, and water or wastewater treatment plants or sub-components of each. Specific goals for sustainability focus on impacts or enhancements to quality of life, resource use, the natural world, climate, and risk management. In addition to providing an overall rating of the designated system component, which reflects performance in terms of these sustainability factors, the Envision system also provides a picture of how the specified system component interacts with other system elements and the surrounding environment.

The rating encompasses both the planning and construction stages as well as the operational lifespan of the specific piece of infrastructure, and includes decommissioning and final disposition of that infrastructure component. Envision rating credits can be gained by providing for environmentally-friendly decommissioning and recycling of the infrastructure at the end of its lifespan in conformance with acceptable guidelines.

Using tools like Envision, ISI (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure) accredited engineers and geospatial analysts can deliver innovative solutions to effectively implement infrastructure asset management systems that fully encompass all aspects of sustainability. KCI is a recognized leader in providing cutting-edge solutions for water and wastewater design, from collection and distribution systems to water treatment systems that are resilient to changing water quality conditions, and wastewater treatment plants that meet enhanced nutrient removal requirements. Our team also has experience with a variety of trenchless pipe replacement and rehabilitation design approaches including structural lining and pipe bursting. The firm is also a leader in the relatively new field of sewer exfiltration analysis and control, as well as acoustic condition inspection of in-service gravity mains.

In a world challenged by managing and updating our infrastructure for today and far into the future, KCI Technologies brings to the table the full range of services to meet clients’ needs, from design and construction management to sustainable asset management.