KCI’s COVID Screening Application Helps Organizations Get Back to Work Amid Pandemic Re-Openings

A new COVID screening application allows companies and agencies to query employees and visitors for symptoms before entry into a building or job site. Developers can quickly and completely customize the app, called the Readiness Screening Solution, or RSS, to meet the individual needs of the organization. Reports and email notifications support communications and transparency, and the geospatial component will assist with contact tracing should an exposure occur on site. The cloud-based system can be deployed remotely, and users are able to scan a QR code for quick access and to complete the online questions on their own device.

The customizable RSS application provides both private and public-sector clients with scalable and flexible options to support COVID-19 screening activities. This safe and effective solution reduces the need for person-to-person contact and can instill confidence as employees return to their workplaces.

Bradley Spittel, PMPSenior Project Manager

Bradley Spittel, PMP

Benefits of the system include:

  • Streamlined COVID-19 pre-screening solution
  • Concept to deployment in 24 hours
  • Remote deployment to eliminate human contact
  • Geospatial tagging for contact association
  • Secure with email notifications, alerts and audit reporting
  • Customizable to your requirements

For more information, click here to visit the RSS website or contact Brad Spittel at Brad.Spittel@kci.com or 410.316.7881 to request a demonstration.