Mobile Cell Sites Expand Network Coverage at Inauguration

Cell on Wheels National CapitolAs our nation’s capital prepared to welcome thousands of visitors for the 2017 presidential inauguration, KCI helped our client set up mobile cell sites throughout the city to accommodate the large crowd’s network activity. These days most people have smartphones, and as our 45th president was sworn into office, many visitors were using their device to capture the moment and share it with their friends and family. From phone calls and text messages to emails and internet browsing, the increase in demand could easily take a toll on users’ network access. To meet the needs of consumers, carriers use Cell On Wheels (COWs) to help boost coverage.

Although cell phone carriers are constantly upgrading their capacity, networks are typically built for the everyday population with a maximum amount of data that can be transmitted and shared between all users in a specific area. However in certain cases, like emergency situations or large events, carriers need to make adjustments and increase their capacity to prevent strains on the network. Since these are often short-term circumstances, it doesn’t make sense to install a standard cellular tower. Instead these mobile cell sites, or COWs, include all of the necessary equipment on top of a trailer, which can be transported to any location.

DC Cell on Wheels

In order to get these COWs ready for the inauguration, our team set-up the required communication equipment. Because technology is always changing, technicians first had to remove old equipment and then install the newest improvements and upgrades. These network enhancements not only help expand the carrier’s network coverage, but also allow for real-time adjustments when dealing with traffic demands. Deployed throughout the city, these COWs provided the needed capacity across the entire National Mall.

Cell on Wheels Tower