Mobile Network Infrastructure Installation Supports Afghanistan Refugee Program

As the United States continues to navigate the extraction of our military from Afghanistan, preparations are also being made to accept almost 100,000 Afghan refugees into the country. In order to accommodate the influx of people at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia without delays in communication, the area’s cellular network needed to be expanded right away. KCI Communications Infrastructure was called to install temporary antennas onsite and allow more mobile traffic to be processed throughout the program’s duration.

KCI crews moved quickly to provide the military with optimal cellular coverage using provisional node modules that can be easily transported.

Without much infrastructural support in the area, our team mobilized to prepare single nodes on wheels, or SNOWs, for immediate use. Due to previous large events that happened earlier in the year and required expanded network coverage, the SNOWs were already assembled, greatly cutting down the total installation time necessary. The generators first had to be started and the self-contained units tested. Once everything was in working order, the crew towed the SNOWs to the Marine Corps site and began connecting them to the existing fiber cables that were on base.

With the SNOWs put into place, mobile traffic can now flow more freely without excessive strain on the regional network.

After KCI supplied and terminated more than a mile of fiber, the SNOWs were taken online and ready to support the incoming refugees. The work was completed within a day, and now individuals on the Quantico base can benefit from the latest 5G technology to complete their rehabilitation mission.