Rickey Discusses Mechanical Engineering Responses to COVID on Warehaus Speaker Series Podcast

Adam Rickey, PE, CPD, Vice President and Discipline Manager for KCI’s mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering department, was recently featured on the Speaker Series podcast presented by Warehaus. The series focuses on the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

Throughout the podcast, Rickey spoke on how his experience in mechanical engineering for healthcare facilities led him through different market sectors before he joined the KCI team. He discussed how the firm utilizes technology such as 3D scanning and Building Information Modeling to enable conducive communication while working from home, in order to ensure a continuously seamless delivery of services and safety during this crisis. In this environment, his team is able to share progress checkpoints and suggested revisions to designs with the owner in real time by using collaborative software.

In addition, Rickey pointed out that in the healthcare facilities industry, there is technology being used to keep hospital buildings healthy, with emphases on air pressurization and outside air integration. While previously these aspects of hospital design have split the industry into hospital and non-healthcare related design tactics, he believes that the push in the future will be to merge the techniques and implementing more strategies typically found in healthcare facility design for all types of buildings. That may include higher air change rates, more outside air, better and higher filtration, tighter control of temperature and humidity indoors as well as the use of UVC lights in the built environment.