Devereux Presents Webinar for Water Quality BMPs

Olivia Devereux presented a webinar called “Identify Cost-Effective BMPs” with 116 registrants hosted by the Maryland Department of the Environment. The hour-long session was requested by Dinorah Dalmasey as a means of supporting Phase I and Phase II permittees and Maryland municipalities in their natural resource management planning.

During the webinar, Olivia compared the nitrogen load, phosphorus load, cost, and acres treated among the most-implemented BMPs and the most cost-effective BMPs. Once that was established, she then compared the two categories once more while discussing the BMPs that are most cost-effective for Impervious Surface Reduction activities. Two example regions of Montgomery and St. Mary’s counties were shown, proving that cost savings can be possible while also reducing how many acres are impacted.

Olivia also discussed how to identify the most cost-effective BMPs for improving water quality and maximizing co-benefits. Because of the often-limited funding allocated to environmental improvement programs, cost-effectiveness is an important consideration for municipalities. Results show that the information may provide a roadmap for successful techniques, and also may lead to funding prioritization and increase the likelihood of plan approval and implementation.

Click here to download the presentation PowerPoint file.

You can view her webinar video below.