KCI Among First Prequalified for GDOT Aerial Mapping with UAVs

KCI recently became one of the first companies to receive the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) 5.06 prequalification for aerial mapping, a new category. This qualification allows our team to provide these professional services for the department.

Over time, survey methods have evolved, and new technology and tools have allowed the industry to become more precise and accurate. KCI’s quick adaptation of these advances, including capturing data with small drones has allowed our team to better serve our clients and become a leader in the industry. Using a drone, our team is able to capture survey-grade data that meets specifications and employees can be kept out of harm’s way.

North Avenue

Surveying with unmanned aerial aircrafts allows our team to quickly collect the needed data, while also staying off of busy roads and away from traffic. In Knoxville, the University of Tennessee asked KCI to assist in the historical documentation of three buildings on campus. Our team used aerial photography, 3-D laser scanning and high-definition cameras to capture images of the historic landmarks. The data was then assembled into media formats that could be presented to the Historical Commission.