KCI Awards 2015 Sons and Daughters Scholarships

The selection committee for the 2015 KCI Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program announced the four recipients of scholarships: Megan Cullison, Allyson Kohl, Emma Leibman, and Katie Nybo.


Megan-CullisonMegan Cullison, age 17, daughter of KCI’s Rob Cullison (Utility Services)

Megan is looking forward to her freshman year at Widener University where she will major in civil engineering with plans to complete the five-year master’s degree program. Following graduation, her career goals are to achieve her diver certification and conduct underwater bridge inspections.



Allyson Kohl, age 19, daughter of KCI’s Eric Kohl (Communications Infrastructure)Allyson-Kohl

Allyson is entering her sophomore year at North Carolina State University where she is majoring in education with a concentration on math and science. She hopes to teach in a middle school where she can make a difference in the lives of students, both in and out of the classroom.



Emma Leibman, 19, daughter of KCI’s Gregory Leibman (Construction Management)Emma-Leibman

After working full-time and studying at her local community college, Emma is getting ready to begin her first year at the University of Maryland – College Park where she is majoring in anthropology and environmental science/policy. She aspires to complete a doctorate degree and focus on a career in the long-term maintenance of environmental sustainability and cultural integrity.


KatieNyboKatie Nybo, 18, daughter of KCI’s Marc Nybo (Construction Management)

Katie is entering her freshman year at Salisbury University where she will major in physical therapy. Inspired by her own school’s athletic trainer, Katie hopes to provide support and be a key role in athletes’ lives in a career that combines her passion for athletics with her desire to help others.


The firm’s scholarship program selects children of up to four KCI employees to receive $2,500 scholarships. The selection criteria includes academic achievement, leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors and accolades, work experience, and educational and career goals