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Engineering isn’t just about sending people to the moon, or building autonomous cars, it’s also about making a commitment to our society and making a difference in the communities that we live in.

Kui Lin, PE, LEED AP Environmental Engineer

Kui Lin is a environmental engineer with expertise in planning and design of water and sewer systems, treatment plants, landfills, and pumping stations.

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Digital Twin for Public Works

KCI partnered with Gwinnett County, Georgia, to develop a pilot cloud-based digital twin of an existing wastewater pump station.

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GIS, Geoanalytics and Crowdsourcing Help PTC Catch It Early

KCI worked with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to develop tools and increase the visual awareness of traffic operations to "catch it early."

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Starr and PSU Professor Bahnfleth Discuss Impacts of COVID on Building Ventilation Systems

Emily Starr, PE, a senior project manager in KCI's mechanical engineering practice, was recently a co-host on the Speaker Series podcast put on by Warehaus.

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KCI offers turnkey expertise in a wide range of disciplines. With a committed, employee-owned team, we design, plan, manage, inspect, install, assess, construct, and otherwise address a vast array of client needs related to the built and natural environments. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients, providing personal service from project initiation through completion.