Aerial of the town of Rising Sun, Maryland

State & Local

KCI is committed to supporting sound infrastructure, environmental stewardship and enhanced public safety for our cities, counties, towns, and boroughs.

We provide planning, design, construction and resource management services to expand our transportation networks, enhance public assets and improve the quality of life for residents throughout our communities. Our team helps create partnerships between government agencies, consultants and contractors to respond to changes in demographics, regulatory climates and infrastructure demands.

KCI is equipped to provide state and local government agencies with services that maintain public works facilities, enhance multi-modal transportation methods, design parks and recreational assets, and preserve our natural environment. We also support the daily operations of state and municipal governments through the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions.

Engineering and land surveying services provided in North Carolina are performed by our associated entity, KCI Associates of North Carolina, P.A.

Our extensive experience enables us to establish operational footprints throughout our geographic reach and provide our clients with localized expertise and decision-making.