Aerial view of a park

Site Development

From small facility construction to complex highway interchanges, KCI believes site development is the foundation of any project.

We understand the importance of creating an exciting, properly designed space, based on the user’s needs and concerns and the nature of the site and surrounding land uses. Our goal is to give each new project a unique identity by finding the optimum balance between man-made and natural elements, while pairing aesthetics and economy to develop spaces that are both appealing and functional. Our staff is skilled in all aspects of site development such as initial survey, soil and materials testing, analysis and concept plan formation, and imaginative landscaping of site details.

KCI delivers sustainable, context-sensitive solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the community. Our planners employ an integrated, environmentally informed approach that helps to create a sense of place in the overall site development. The natural environment, the physical and built environment, existing vehicular and pedestrian circulation patterns, code and safety requirements, and existing community interests and structure are all carefully examined in relation to each other. Our LEED-accredited engineers and planners prepare sustainable site plans that incorporate water-efficient landscaping, water-use reduction, innovative stormwater management, reduced site disturbance, and construction waste management to maximize green building potential.

Engineering and land surveying services provided in North Carolina are performed by our associated entity, KCI Associates of North Carolina, P.A.

We focus on construction economics, zoning, environmental compliance, public involvement, and permitting as we guide each project through the local development process.