Life at KCI

Employee ownership defines KCI’s corporate culture. KCI’s people are self-starters who enjoy mastering new technologies and solving project challenges. The company nurtures an open and challenging environment, where everyone can make a difference, be rewarded for their efforts, and enjoy coming to work each morning. As our company prospers, the chief benefactor is its employees. As participants in an ESOP, employees have a personal, vested interest in the success of their projects and the organization.

Employee VoicesOur Values



The atmosphere is open and relaxed, yet challenging and professional. Our employee-owners understand they have a vested interest in the decisions that shape the company’s strategic and business plans, financial system, retirement plans, benefit packages, training opportunities, stock valuations, and the distribution of wealth and profits.

With our team as such a singular, strong component of our management approach and success, leadership and technical training, industry involvement and community stewardship are critical elements of the firm’s professional development programs. Open communication is also a key component of the firm’s management style. The company shares financial, operational and strategic information with employees through a host of communications channels, including an informal open-door policy.

Video conference town hall meetings led by President and CEO Nathan Beil are held each month. At the meetings, Financials are presented, project accolades and awards are announced, and news and upcoming events are discussed. Employees are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the exchange. In addition, at least six meetings include presentations from employees about particular discipline, service or innovation—offering a platform to share their skills, services and accomplishments.

Employees are involved at every level of management, beginning with a Companywide Employee Committee that meets monthly to provide a forum to develop, evaluate and recommend employee ideas to upper management. An elected employee representative serves a two-year term on both the corporate board of directors and as chair of the CEC. A second employee is elected for a two-year term on the ESOP board of trustees.

Being a part of a great company enables KCI employees to work on award-winning, high-visibility projects, making us a firm of choice for engineers, planners, scientists, construction managers, and administrative professionals. The company’s strong work ethic has enhanced our bottom line and, in turn, the value of employee stock. Since becoming employee-owned in 1988, our stock has grown more than 5,000%.