Our Values

Multiple geographies. Unique specialties and talents. One team. We are a single force that is far greater than the sum of our parts—an engineering, consulting and construction firm that connects people in a highly networked, fully integrated and uncommonly transparent way.

Together we are stronger and better equipped to address society’s most complex infrastructure challenges. Together we facilitate rapid action and enable exponential growth. Together we can take on the biggest projects and enjoy success after success. And that enjoyment is by design, too. Because when we genuinely like what we do and are surrounded by others who share the same values, our rewards – both professional and personal – are greater.

The components we need, the specializations required, may shift over time. After all, we didn’t get here by standing still. Our team is defined by perpetual forward motion, an evolutionary drive to push ahead.

What remains constant is the connective tissue that binds us. The unique blend of our different perspectives, varied experiences and multitude of personalities into one cohesive organization. The personal accountability each of us feels, which rolls up into a corporation that does what it says it will do. Because together we become an extension of our partners, knowing that no matter how technological or technical a challenge, our business is a business of humans – people working with people – one team lifting each other, our clients and the community up.

The values defined below are a part of our culture. They guide much of our decision-making and strategic planning.



As an employee-owned organization, transparency is ingrained into KCI, how we do business and how we work together as a team.


We provide our employee owners with the freedom to collaborate with our clients to deliver innovative and effective solutions. Our staff regularly uses their ingenuity and resourcefulness to drive our clients and our company forward.


We take our roles and responsibilities seriously—as employees, as managers and leaders, as co-workers and friends to each other, as stewards of the environment, and as professionals that our clients rely on for expert advice.


Our employees are passionate about what they do. Whether inspecting a bridge or installing a fiber-optic network, designing a mechanical system or restoring a stream, our team is motivated to make a difference in the world around us.


Our team admires, honors and is considerate of each other, our clients, and our partners. We recognize and appreciate each other’s differences—be they capabilities, histories, experiences, or beliefs.


We take responsibility for the quality of our work, the relationships we maintain and cultivate, and the performance of the company. Our team understands that what we do and how well we do it has a direct impact on the value of the firm, and therefore our ownership.


KCI strives to build a culture of no fear risk taking. Both through formal programs and informal challenges, our employees are encouraged to seize new opportunities, learn new skills and expand their professional and personal capabilities.

KCI’s values also include four characteristics that we feel are intrinsic within the industry—Honesty, Integrity, Safety, and Quality. Without these, no engineering, construction or consulting company could prosper.