Power lines



KCI provides utility and power clients with innovative and cost-effective designs for power generation, transmission and distribution facilities.

We combine our electrical, civil and structural engineering expertise with a thorough knowledge of site development, construction, zoning, permitting and environmental compliance to provide cost-effective designs and project management services. Our team is well-versed in applying and practicing industry codes, standards and regulations to power delivery jobs.

A worker in a bucket truck inspects a power line

Services Offered

System planning

Emergency restoration support

Joint use make ready

Lighting design

DOT grid mod (including over current protection & coordination)

GIS/CADD services

Power quality (including fuse coordination)

New revenue/new customer & existing facility

Network/complicated commercial industrial system design

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We are a leader in energy conservation for existing and new facilities and in developing renewable energy resources. Our engineers, surveyors and construction managers are complemented by environmental planners to address the converging disciplines of energy development and environmental protection.

Engineering and land surveying services provided in North Carolina are performed by our associated entity, KCI Associates of North Carolina, P.A.

KCI’s breadth of experience working on the load and line side of the meter gives us the advantage of practicing both the National Electric Code (NEC) and National Electric Safety Code (NESC).