KCI Awards 2017 Sons and Daughters Scholarships

KCI is pleased to announce that the 2017 Sons & Daughters Scholarships Program has awarded scholarships to eight students, up from six recipients in 2016. The program offers children of KCI’s employees the opportunity to receive $2,500 to put towards the cost of their education.

The eight awardees were selected from 32 applicants companywide. The selection criteria includes academic achievement, leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors and accolades, work experience, and educational and career goals.

The recipients of this year’s scholarships include:

Rosemond Benn, 18, daughter of Alan Benn (Construction Management)
Rosemond is starting her sophomore year at Notre Dame of Maryland University where she is studying biology with a focus in pre-veterinary medicine. For the past two years, she has worked at a veterinary hospital, which inspired her love of caring for animals. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she plans to continue on to graduate school in pursuit of her dream of becoming a veterinarian and one day opening her own veterinary clinic and kennel.
Megan Cullison, 19, daughter of Rob Cullison (Safety/Procurement)
Megan is entering her junior year at Widener University where she plans to complete an accelerated program to earn her master’s degree in civil engineering. This summer, she hopes to achieve her construction-manager-in-training certification and, the following year, her engineer-in-training certification. For the past two summers, Megan has interned with KCI’s construction management discipline, and she aspires to become a licensed professional in the industry.
Scholarship Winner FanslerJennifer Fansler, 21, daughter of Gray Fansler (Construction Management)
Jennifer is entering her senior year at Lees McRae College where she will soon earn her bachelor’s degree in education. For the last six years, Jennifer has worked passionately with children through daycare jobs, elementary school internships, and student teaching opportunities. Her own educational path is driven by her desire to teach elementary school, and she is looking forward to influencing our future generations.
Kayleigh Ford, 18, daughter of Karl Ford (GeoEnvironmental)
Kayleigh is looking forward to starting her freshman year at Tufts University where she plans to cultivate her love for art and creative writing as an English major. Kayleigh believes expression through artistic means is her most powerful form of communication, and she hopes to one day turn these passions into a career.
Natalie Kassir, 18, Daughter of Tim Kassir (Highway Traffic)
Natalie is starting her freshman year at Towson University where she will major in exercise science. Since childhood, she has been an avid athlete, and the care given to her and her teammates from physical therapists inspired her own career goals. After graduating from Towson University, she hopes to attend the University of Maryland to obtain a degree in physical therapy so she can make a lasting contribution to the health and well-being of others.
Allyson Kohl, 21, daughter of Eric Kohl (Wireless)
Allyson is beginning her final year at North Carolina State University where she is studying math and science education. As a senior, she is close to reaching her goal of becoming a middle school teacher where she hopes to be a positive role model for children who are at an age where she feels her support and teaching can have a strong influence.
Katie Nybo, 20, daughter of Marc Nybo (Construction Management)
Katie is entering her junior year at Salisbury University where she will soon achieve her bachelor’s degree in nursing. After completing her degree, she plans to continue pursuing her education and receive a master’s degree while also securing a nursing position at a local hospital. Katie is looking forward to helping those in need as a licensed practitioner.
Ariel Surmont, 20, daughter of Frank Vender (Subsurface Utility Engineering)
Ariel is starting her final semester at Fayetteville State University where she will earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing. Following her graduation this December, she hopes to secure a residency position at a local hospital, achieve her master’s degree and become a licensed nurse practitioner. Her career aspiration is to one day earn a doctoral degree and give back to the community by teaching the future generation of nurses.

Congratulations to all the recipients and applicants who are continuing to fuel personal growth through education.