KCI Awards 2020 Sons and Daughters Scholarships

KCI is pleased to announce that the 2020 Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program has awarded scholarships to ten students. The program offers children of KCI employees the opportunity to receive $2,500 to put towards the cost of their education.

The ten awardees were selected from 44 applicants companywide. The selection criteria included academic achievement, leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors and accolades, work experience, and educational and career goals.

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s scholarships:


Walter BaileyWalter Bailey, 18, son of Joseph Bailey (Construction Management)

As Walter enters his freshman year at North Carolina State University, he plans to pursue a degree in biological agricultural engineering to help improve irrigation pivot systems and utilize drones for farmers to obtain soil samples and monitor their fields. After gaining experience in technology development, he wants to return to his family farm and use his knowledge to carry on its legacy.


NatalieNatalie Kassir, 21, daughter of Timothy Kassir (Highway Traffic)

In her senior year at Towson University, Natalie is working towards her degree in exercise science. She plans to intern with stroke and head injury patients this fall and work towards obtaining a doctorate in physical therapy to eventually rehabilitate athletes and other injured individuals requiring long-term care. This is her fourth consecutive year receiving the scholarship award.


Matthias LitzmannMatthias Litzmann, 20, son of Mark Litzmann (Transportation)

Matthias is entering his senior year at Sam Houston State University where he is studying psychology. Once he graduates with his bachelor’s degree, he plans to continue in a doctorate program in clinical psychology, with the intent to open a private practice and assist minors with chronic anxiety resulting from previous trauma.


Macayla MurdickMacayla Murdick, 21, daughter of William Murdick (SUE)

Macayla will begin her senior year at Pennsylvania State University this fall and is seeking a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Following an internship with her fluid dynamics professor researching greenhouse gasses and their connection to soil surfaces, she hopes to work in a career focused on stream restoration design and hydro-ecology.


Bayaan MusaBayaan Musa, 18, daughter of Muhammad Musa (Transportation)

Bayaan will be a freshman at Texas A&M University pursuing a degree in biochemistry. Since heart disease runs in her family, she plans to attend medical school and complete her residency with a specialty in pediatrics, eventually opening her own private clinic to help make a healthier environment for children.


Kalie NussKalie Nuss, 19, daughter of Robert Nuss (Highway Traffic)

Kalie will enter her sophomore year at Liberty University to study biotechnology. After being exposed to many facets of human medicine in her first year, she decided to turn her sights on pursuing a doctorate in biomedical engineering and plans to either create prosthetics or research cancer and genomes in the future. This is Kalie’s second consecutive year receiving the scholarship award.


Audrey OsborneAudrey Osborne, 17, daughter of Jason Osborne (Construction Management)

As she enters her freshman year at the University of South Carolina, Audrey is pursuing a degree in nursing. She plans to study abroad and volunteer at clinics in many different cultures before becoming a physician assistant and working in an ER or neonatal department.


Brenna WalshBrenna Walsh, 18, daughter of John Walsh (Power)

Brenna will begin her sophomore year at North Carolina State University College of Engineering with the hopes of one day becoming an anesthesiologist or robotic surgeon. To achieve her career aspirations, she plans to combine her engineering experience and perspective with a medical degree in the future. This is Brenna’s second consecutive year receiving the scholarship award.


David WangDavid Wang, 18, son of Grace Wang (Water/Wastewater)

David is starting his freshman year at the University of Maryland College Park and plans to earn his master’s degree in computer science with an emphasis on cyber security. He hopes to help prevent data intrusions and limit digital breaches in a world becoming increasingly reliant on the internet.


Caroline WilcoxCaroline Wilcox, 21, daughter of Melissa Wilcox (Corporate Administration)

As she enters her senior year at Mount St. Mary’s, Caroline is expecting to graduate with her degree in communication. Motivated by her own athletic career as a lacrosse player, she aspires to become a social media consultant for a health and fitness company or work alongside student athletes to assist them in setting goals and continuing their personal journeys to a well-balanced life.


Congratulations to all the recipients and applicants who are continuing to fuel personal growth through education.