David Eberspeaker

KCI’s Passion for Military Recruiting

David Eberspeaker

Practice Leader

Former or current members of the United States armed services are often acknowledged by the familiar “thanks for your service” from a well-meaning civilian. While there is little doubt about the sincerity of that expression of appreciation, the veteran or active-duty member may wonder if that person truly understands what it means to serve in the military of our country and the sacrifice it requires.

As a former officer in the US Navy Civil Engineering Corps, I made three deployments that had me overseas for 20 months over a 32-month period of time including almost half the time of my first year of marriage. Even during homeport periods, we were frequently away from home for specialized training and field exercises. While an expression of “thanks” is kind, much more can be done to demonstrate an appreciation for those who served our country through military service. Potential employees who are veterans can rest assured that they will find a military-friendly environment at KCI.

The firm’s Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Practice in North Carolina, where I work, includes 20 veterans with a combined total of 330 years of military service. These team members completed a total of 72 deployments, including 29 to Iraq and Afghanistan during their time in the military. Each of them brings commitment, dependability, passion and drive with them to work every day. They learn their new jobs quickly and contribute in a meaningful way from the start.

As a practice leader, I actively seek out veterans by attending job fairs on military bases, and by talking with the USO and the SLF-TAP (Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program) staff at Fort Bragg. Personally, I feel very fortunate that KCI values the characteristics and qualities of veterans and understands how these abilities can help to deliver quality service to our clients. I know that KCI is proud of our veteran employees, and those still serving in the Guard and Reserves.

It was an honor and privilege to serve, and I say “thanks for your service” to all our veteran employees.