Holly Painter

Opening a New Office

Holly Painter

Project Manager

I had the unique opportunity of opening a satellite office for KCI in the downtown Atlanta region. When joining KCI in November 2017, I had no idea where to start researching corporate rentals. Luckily, I had the support of the Duluth staff as well as the corporate leadership team.

After researching multiple locations downtown, our tour began. We were lucky to be able to visit four different offices, eventually choosing the Baltimore Block. After signing the lease, challenges included a constantly-moving suite location, painting and renovations, electrical and communications cabling and all the small details like supplies and a coffee machine. Finally, the office was starting to come together. After we moved in, a KCI sign was installed to make the entryway official. This process was not the easiest, but as a great mentor of mine always says and reminds me, “Nothing worth it is ever easy.” I now understand the meaning of this.

Leading these efforts has given me a different perspective when it comes to being an engineer and an office manager at the same time. Opening the new office has changed me personally as a professional and has helped KCI establish a downtown presence, both with our clients and our employees. The goal to attract talent is key to our growth in Georgia and having multiple office locations truly has allowed for us to do so. I have already made my first full-time hire, and more and more people are wanting to work down here. We are mere blocks away from one of our major clients, GDOT, where we constantly have meetings. Our local downtown presence allows us to compete for projects within the city.

It has been such an honor to lead this expansion. I am proud for KCI every time someone wants to work with us at downtown Atlanta. Come visit!