Arthur Avenue Wins Most Walkable/Bikeable Project Award

April 16, 2021 | Awards

The Arthur Avenue Cycle Track project was recognized by Walk Bike Nashville with a Streets for People Award for the Most Walkable/Bikeable Project in Urban Zoning Overlay.

The honor is given to the private or public development that is best designed for those on foot, bicycle, scooter, mobility device or bus, creates safe and welcoming spaces for those not in cars, and helps go above and beyond what is required.

The northern neighborhoods in Nashville are full of rich history. In order to preserve this community’s identity while ensuring they had a say in the area’s development, KCI provided traffic engineering and design services for the new culturally relevant and secure Arthur Avenue cycle track downtown. Public outreach was a heavy focus throughout the entire process, with measures being used at every turn to involve local residents, municipal agencies and non-profit organizations. Special care was taken to provide accessibility for all neighborhoods, regardless of economic status or physical ability. Wide roadways that have no space for pedestrian sidewalks are common in the region, making a protected cycle track an accessible option for bikers to get around safely and improve social mobility in Nashville. The added lanes also serve as a traffic calming solution, narrowing the street space for vehicles and decreasing the overall amount of speeding. The reclamation of these public spaces by marginalized communities was completed with art projects, reminders of the area’s deep history, and a message of hope for all generations to come.

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