KCI Sons and Daughters Scholarship

KCI Awards 2023 Sons and Daughters Scholarships

August 14, 2023 | Announcements

KCI is pleased to announce that the 2023 Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program has awarded scholarships to ten students.

The program offers children of KCI employees the opportunity to receive $4,000 to put towards the cost of their education.

The 10 awardees were selected from 38 applicants companywide. The selection criteria included academic achievement, leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors and accolades, work experience, and educational and career goals.

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s scholarships:

Riley Busch, 19, daughter of Mike Busch (Transportation South)

Heading into her sophomore year at the University of Alabama, Riley is majoring in kinesiology and biology. She is pursuing her passion to reach and help as many people as she can and strives to become a physician assistant or associate with a specialty in pediatric neurology or cardiothoracic surgery.

Audrey Cannelli, 18, daughter of John Cannelli (Administration)

Audrey will begin her freshman year at Florida Southern College majoring in graphic design with a minor in business. She aspires to fulfill her creative interests while achieving a solid background in business to help run a successful enterprise in the future.

Brayden Cannelli, 18, daughter of John Cannelli (Administration)

As Brayden enters her freshman year at Florida Southern College, she is pursuing a degree in marketing or exercise science/physical therapy. Due to her interests in athletics, business, and social media marketing along with her personal experience of playing sports in high school, Brayden finds herself seeking a path as an entrepreneur and/or physical trainer.

Adam Hudacek, 19, son of John Hudacek (Transportation North)

As Adam begins his sophomore year at The University of Maryland – College Park, he will continue pursuing a double major in journalism & cinema and media studies. Intrigued by the art of storytelling, Adam plans to explore internship opportunities and leadership positions on campus to grow as an individual and find what connections intertwine best with his studies.

Grace Ilunga, 18, daughter of Jimmy Ilunga (Transportation South)

Entering her freshman year at Midlands Technical College, Grace plans to major in computer science. With a goal to eventually transfer to the University of South Carolina for her bachelor’s degree, Grace is paving her path towards becoming a software engineer.

Serena Jordahl, 20, daughter of Harald-Jordy Jordahl (Water)

Serena is heading into her junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she is majoring in journalism with a strategic communications concentration, in addition to certificates in sustainability, and gender and women’s studies. With a passion for environmental conservation and social equity, Serena sees herself pursuing a career that utilizes communication strategies to spread key messages on digital platforms.

Courtney Nuss, 20, daughter of Robert Nuss (Transportation North)

Diving into her junior year at James Madison University, Courtney continues to work towards her degree in hospitality management. She is eager to develop a better understanding of the intricacies of the industry and explore sales, logistics, and event planning.

Annabelle Sun, 19, daughter of Lijie Li (Water)

Annabelle is entering her sophomore year at Northeastern University where she is majoring in design. Hoping to explore her creative talents, she aims to improve lives and considers designing digital systems to facilitate actions for those with emotional or physical challenges.

Rori West, 20, daughter of Debra West (Administration)

Heading into her junior year at the University of St. Thomas, Rori will continue pursuing her degree in communications and marketing with a focus on public relations. With her passion for bringing awareness to community change and social issues, Rori hopes to focus on social media management and emphasize sustainability, personal care, and overall wellbeing.

Cody Wiggins, 20, son of Paul Wiggins (Transportation North)

As Cody enters his junior year, he will continue majoring in communications with minors in English and Russian studies at Saint Joseph’s University. Looking ahead, Cody aspires to explore new professional opportunities within his field and obtain a full-time position with a professional sports team.

Congratulations to all the recipients and applicants who are continuing to fuel personal growth through education.

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