The Riverwalk at Brunswick Nature Park

Brunswick Nature Park at Belville

Belville, NC

Town of Belville

The town of Belville sought to create a boardwalk path along the Brunswick River using land deeded by the county.

Phase 1 of the park project included just under a mile of walking trails, 1,500 feet of boardwalk, a 200-foot-long fishing pier, a 130-foot bridge, an outdoor classroom and an observation pier. KCI was contracted by the town to provide structural design for the outdoor amenities.

With cost as a primary driver, our team was asked to determine how to build the boardwalk, piers, ramps and bridge as efficiently as possible. Details were developed that allowed for use of standard lumber lengths to reduce waste, speed construction and provide a uniform appearance throughout. KCI worked closely with the geotechnical engineer to develop a boring plan and design foundations that could be easily built with small equipment. Research was conducted to identify appropriate materials for the brackish waters and coastal environment. Various levels of wood treatment, fasteners and foundation types were incorporated into the design to reduce cost while ensuring the structures could withstand the harsh environment.

Engineers worked closely with the trail design firm during permitting. Because of its location on the Brunswick River, the site was very environmentally sensitive and required 404 permits as well as CAMA permits. Wet jetting foundation piles were preferred to driving piles in many areas to prevent harm to spawning fish. Structures were designed to ensure ADA compliance while achieving planned elevations along the uneven terrain, and the finished Riverwalk is now able to enhance property values, improve lifestyles, and create a more attractive area for businesses and tourism.

Engineering and land surveying services provided in North Carolina are performed by our associated entity, KCI Associates of North Carolina, P.A.