A KCI employee fills out the pavement condition assessment application that was custom developed for Franklin County

Franklin County Pavement Condition Assessment

Franklin County, GA

Franklin County

Responsible for more than 250 miles of paved roadways, Franklin County contracted KCI to perform condition assessments of these assets and capture that data electronically for future use in maintenance, asset management and public relations.

Our construction management and asset management teams worked together to develop an application based on the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Pavement Condition Evaluation System (PACES). The county provided our team with a street network file, which served as the base to establish the data, and then developers used commercially available tools like ArcGIS and Survey 123 to set up the database, field form, web maps and web/mobile application.

Using major intersections as starting and stopping points, the roadways were broken down into segments to be easily surveyed. Users then had the ability to select a segment of roadway on a map and answer a series of questions pertaining to the amount and severity level of distresses in the pavement. An overall rating for that segment was then determined. Each assessment was then linked to the corresponding location on the map, where it could be easily accessed. The application helped our team expedite physical inspection of each pavement section and score the condition electronically in real time. Dashboards then gave officials quick access to analyze the data.