The I-270 at Watkins Mill Road interchange during construction

I-270 at Watkins Mill Road Interchange

Gaithersburg, MD

KCI & Gannett Fleming Joint Venture

With the combined need to reduce traffic at a nearby interchange and connect two halves of a community bisected by a major highway, a new interchange was designed along I-270 at Watkins Mill Road.

KCI joined the team at semi-final design and our engineers had to quickly familiarize themselves with not only the project’s history but also inherited design plans, which required verification and adjustments. Other challenges included moving an existing utility, stream relocations and a 30-inch pipe that was jacked and bored underneath the interstate. On top of a sprawling team of consultants and a complex design, the $124 million project was completed under an extremely accelerated schedule and opened to traffic six months earlier than expected.