Pavement Management

KCI considers local conditions and material characteristics in pavement treatment selection to provide creative, cost-effective, and customized solutions for pavement and right-of-way asset repair and maintenance.

Our team has the expertise to provide superior pavement and asset management services that result in numerous benefits to help agencies stay on track and achieve their infrastructure management goals. By using tailored treatment strategies, we can optimize the maintenance and prolong the life of our clients’ pavement assets.

Services Offered

Pavement inventory and condition assessment

Visual and automated inspections

Maintenance and rehabilitation optimization

Pavement management system implementation

Capital improvement planning

Pavement image viewer dashboard

Right-of-way assets inventory and condition assessment

Pavement condition data integration

GIS-based dashboards/web platforms

Data collection and processing

KCI employs state-of-the-art technology for automated pavement and right-of-way assets data collection, processing, and visualization in order to yield precise condition predictions, treatment selections, and extended pavement life. Our trusted experts transform pavement management approaches and provide long-lasting benefits for our clients’ asset management strategies.

Engineering and land surveying services provided in North Carolina are performed by our associated entity, KCI Associates of North Carolina, P.A.

With a focus on cost-effectiveness and sustainability, we help you achieve your asset management goals and make informed decisions for your infrastructure.