A roundabout in Georgia


Traffic & ITS

Drawing from a seamless integration of engineering, planning, and environmental expertise, KCI offers all the necessary resources for meeting the traffic needs of projects ranging from small community developments to major highway interchange systems.

Our team has extensive experience in providing traffic engineering solutions in support of building new roadways, improving highway safety and operational capacity, maintaining traffic through construction sites, and evaluating the impact of proposed developments. KCI is a leader in providing full-service, turn-key Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic signal systems, signal timing projects, and traffic signal operations, ensuring that traffic operates at an optimal level during all times of the day.

An ITS sign over Martin Highway

Services Offered

Traffic impact studies

Corridor studies

Capacity analyses

Maintenance of traffic

Route and interstate signing

Pavement markings

Highway and pedestrian lighting


Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

Transportation system management

Traffic command and control systems

We conduct safety studies, develop detailed traffic forecasts, prepare transportation management plans, and create effective signalization, signing, and lighting strategies. KCI employs the latest traffic analysis and simulation software and works closely with planners to develop effective public involvement materials that convey project information to elected officials, the community and the public at large.

Engineering and land surveying services provided in North Carolina are performed by our associated entity, KCI Associates of North Carolina, P.A.

Our team is dedicated to improving traffic operations through sound methods and creative solutions.