KCI Powers Up with Electric Vehicles

September 1, 2019 | Announcements

KCI is excited to announce the addition of two 100-percent electric vehicles (EV) to our pool fleet at the firm’s Sparks, Maryland, headquarters.

Six parking spots have been converted with newly installed charging stations for both fleet EVs and employees’ personal electric and hybrid cars.

“We identified the growing need for EV infrastructure as a target market in our most recent strategic plan. Our commitment to sustainability and emerging technologies, both in the services we provide and how we do our business, is a critical part of KCI’s stewardship of our built and natural environment.”

– Nathan J. Beil, PE, D.WRE, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

More and more Americans are incorporating sustainability and fuel efficiency into their purchasing decisions. Although still representing a small percentage of the vehicles owned and operated nationwide, the number of EV registrations doubled last year and is forecasted to grow annually. KCI’s initiative is being piloted as part of the firm’s on focus the evolving transportation industry. “We wanted to engage with and experience this green technology from both an end user and technology provider perspective,” said KCI CEO/President Nathan Beil, PE, D.WRE. “We believe there is no better way to serve our clients in this area than to ‘be a client’.” From the needs analysis to permitting, design, equipment selection, user payments, construction, and project closeout, our team provided and experienced the entire project from both a consultant and an end user. This experience will enable the firm to better understand our clients’ needs and bring solutions that benefit them.

Three pedestals with dual EV charging stations can serve up to six fleet and personal vehicles at a time. The infrastructure was designed to easily allow for future expansion to 10 sites. KCI electrical engineers performed the needs analysis, and developed the permit and construction documents, our Safety and Fleet Department procured the vehicles and electronic payment system, and the firm’s Communications Infrastructure crews assisted with construction, alongside Hadler Electric.

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