Transportation Planning and Analysis

14th Street Bridge Corridor Environmental Impact Statement Washington, DC

The strength of KCI’s planning team lies in our belief that transportation infrastructure is more than just a way to get from here to there. Transportation networks contribute to the health and wealth of our communities, and we bring this understanding to bear on every project. From performing multi-county long-range regional thoroughfare studies to planning shared use of a single driveway, every planning recommendation works towards a goal of connecting people and goods in the most efficient and responsible way. Services include:

  • Regional land use and transportation studies
  • Corridor studies
  • Long range transportation plans
  • County and municipal comprehensive plans
  • Major thoroughfare plans and updates
  • Access management strategies
  • Economic and funding analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Capacity forecasting
  • Growth scenario planning
  • Major investment studies
  • Travel demand management
  • Multimodal transportation planning
  • Transportation systems management
  • Congestion management systems
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Local street plans
  • Campus planning
  • Air quality and noise evaluations
  • NEPA documentation
  • Environmental assessments/environmental impact statements
Far Southeast Feasibility and Livability Study, Washington, DC

We take a comprehensive approach to planning by combining our team’s collective insight and expertise in land use, environmental and transportation planning, as well as engineering and construction feasibility. KCI’s planners are well versed in zoning, development, compliance and preservation requirements, and can guide any project through the planning process into design and construction. Using cutting-edge tools to evaluate and manage geographic, resource and traffic information, we analyze alternatives and generate strategies to maximize benefit, streamline development, and minimize impacts and cost. Our team develops grounded plans to turn vision into reality.