Day of Service - Florida

Implementing Community Outreach Offerings to Advance Society

December 5, 2023 | Innovator

With an evolving world that is always in motion, creating solutions for change, especially in our communities, becomes essential.

Our team is dedicated to volunteering their time and technical skills to create a positive impact. To support our employee-owners in these endeavors, KCI launched a Day of Service program, an initiative for individuals to give back, facilitate change and promote teamwork. The firm’s forward-thinking and progressive nature to advance communities has always been a driving force and pillar of KCI’s culture. Eager to continue these commitments, a group of employees from one of KCI’s internal training programs focused their capstone project on developing this corporately funded initiative to contribute to local, regional, national, and professional communities. The program provides a formal and inviting way to facilitate employee participation in philanthropic efforts while also caring for and improving the built and natural environment.

KCI’s Day of Service volunteer program sets aside up to eight hours for volunteering each calendar year for every full-time regular employee. Employees can support an organization of their choice and utilize the time in hourly increments, expanding the opportunity to participate in multiple volunteer efforts. While connecting employees throughout the organization and building on skills through experiences, the implementation boosts employee morale, which in turn increases job productivity and retention.

Day of Service - Texas

Our Mission, Texas, team volunteered their time with Adopt-A-Beach, a program to help keep beaches clean and educate Texans about harmful marine debris. The volunteer team, along with their friends and family members, were able to clean more than their assigned section while enjoying each other’s company throughout the day.

“We are committed to the enrichment and strengthening of the areas where we work and live. As a team, we rise to the challenge and foster a culture focused on community involvement.”

Brian Crowell, Practice Leader and Day of Service Committee Representative

To create a smooth process for participants, KCI established a subcommittee of employees to help identify and organize various volunteer events by region throughout the year, with frequent updates to represent ongoing and new initiatives. Employee representatives from each of our offices have been designated responsibilities that help plan and communicate local volunteer opportunities, providing ease for individuals.

KCI Day of Service - South Carolina

Our Rock Hill, South Carolina, office volunteered their time with the Town of Fort Mill to help mark storm drains and clean up trash around the area. In doing so, our team was able to learn and educate others on the impact to waterways and the importance of keeping stormwater clean for purer streams and lakes.

KCI Day of Service - Florida

Employees from our Fort Lauderdale and Miami offices helped build two houses for Habitat for Humanity of Broward, a volunteer organization striving to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope. The team aimed to empower families and improve the lives of those through affordable home ownership.

Since its establishment in 2021, the program has seen participation from employees across numerous states. Over the past two years, KCI has been honoring exemplary commitment to community service by presenting the Volunteer of the Year Award at our annual Awards Ceremony. This accolade recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond in contributing to their communities.

“Through this program, individuals are presented with an opportunity to translate their passions into purpose, and collectively we extend our impact far beyond the confines of our offices, leaving a positive mark on the communities we serve.”

Nate Beil, Chairman of the Board and CEO

The Day of Service program extends KCI’s culture of employee-ownership by bringing our team together in an inspiring, passionate, and community-driven way. With new opportunities and an acceleration of change, we are able to advance society, build long-standing relationships, and improve the lives and communities of those around us.

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