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KCI Technologies: Strengthening Utilities through Applied Innovation

Date: May 3, 2019Publication: Utilities Tech Outlook

With resources such as the Innovation Incubator program, mixed-reality Microsoft Holo lens equipment and our 3-D collection and Building Information Modeling, KCI is utilizing up-and-coming technologies to pave the way for a digital future. KCI team members Rob Macoy, regional practice leader, and Ron Dove, senior project manager, were recently featured in this article focused on innovative solutions in the utility market.

Millville seeks public comments on released draft comprehensive plan

Date: April 25, 2019Publication: Coastal Point

As the town of Millville continues to partner with KCI to develop their comprehensive plan, the committee will receive comments from the public until June 11, 2019.

Henlopen Acres hires dredging consultant

Date: April 23, 2019Publication: Cape Gazette

Author: Chris Flood

The town of Henlopen Acres is experiencing issues with the water resources in the area, as dredging the marina will be needed, water system assessments are being conducted and flood relief projects have nearly doubled in costs. Dan String, a senior project manager at KCI, has recommended installing several fire hydrants and 6-inch piping throughout the town.

Taking aim at​ ocean plastics

Date: April 16, 2019Publication: Plastics News

Author: Bill Bregar

KCI’s Director of Innovation and Technology Thomas Sprehe spoke on mitigating litter in water sources during the Society of Plastics Engineers’ Antec conference in Detroit, Michigan. As organizations continue to move towards updating pollution regulations, stopping waste from entering rivers is expected to become a priority.

Knox County tries to fix traffic problems as Hardin Valley keeps growing

Date: April 11, 2019Publication: Knox News

Author: Tyler Whetstone

Knox County residents were surveyed for their opinions on several ideas to reduce congestion in the area, as up to 20,000 new people are expected to move into the area over the next 12 years. KCI will remain involved with the Hardin Valley mobility plan as decisions move forward.

Global Telecom Service Provider Investment (CAPEX) Analysis Market – Forecast to 2027 –

Date: April 4, 2019Publication: Sys-Con Media Business Wire

Using historical market data from 2015-2017 and forecasts from 2018-2027, the Global Telecom Service Provider Investment (CAPEX) Analysis Market Analysis & Trends Industry Forecast has been released, predicting that the market is expected to grow throughout the next 20 years. KCI was named among the communications firms in the report.

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